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Where to Get Art News and Reviews?

The art world is a huge industry and a lot is going on there every day. If you are interested in visiting the latest MoMA exhibitions or Uptown gallery, it’s important to find a good source of news. It’s hard to keep track when you are just surfing around the Internet. Today, we’ll take a quick look at the most popular sites. When you visit art website from this list, you are sure to get the up-to-date scoop on the art news. 

Top 5 sites art lovers must know

  1. Frieze;
  2. Art in America;
  3. Artspace;
  4. Whitehot Magazine;
  5. Artnews.

In case you want to pick only one site, the sure-fire way to pick the best one is to choose Frieze. It’s the most reputable and well-known brand in the art world. It launched as a magazine and still has editorials at the core of modern content, too. The printed version comes out eight times a year. However, the online magazine now covers all art-related stories and shares critical reviews of museums and exhibitions all across the globe. It includes essays and columns by the modern forward-thinking writers, artists, and curators.  

Art in America has been around for over a hundred years. The website publishes reviews about events, galleries, and various artists. Aside from that, it still has a print issue that comes out every month. The website is designed for artists, collectors, art dealers, and people interested in art. There were many notable contributors like Joe Lewis, Ted Mooney, Craig Owens, Dave Hickey, etc. Now the website user can get a calendar of art world events, live coverage/videos of certain art events, and auction information. 

Contemporary art lovers will enjoy the Artspace site. Basically, it is an online market that aims to bring art to more people. However, the website additionally has a page dedicated to the online magazine covering the latest news and trends in art. The company is based in New York City. Some articles come in a blog-like style offering useful tips on ways to buy art and things to pay attention to. The site works with popular cultural institutions and museums like The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Andy Warhol Museum, Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, etc. 

Another great choice is to pick Whitehot Magazine of Contemporary Art. The magazine reports news, reviews, interviews, and other art journalism. Founded by Noah Becker, it became one of the leading international sources within a decade. It helped many young promising artists to launch their careers as over 300 writers and critics published their works here. This resource stands out having an official YouTube channel with signature documentaries about contemporary art. 

Finally, there is an Artnews. The title speaks for itself. It’s the oldest art magazine that has readers in 124 countries. Nowadays it’s an online source that still has quarterly printed issues. The website has a great reputation as a trusted place to get art news. It covers art, artists, and event in the art world. The magazine’s most well-known contributors were Robert Coles, Steve Martin, Jean-Paul Sartre, etc. 

There are lots of other sites that share art news and reviews. In case these top five websites don’t suit you, it’s worth trying Artfag City, Artforum, The Art Newspaper, and other sites. 


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