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Firefox VPN Review: Free and Paid Options

The Mozilla Firefox, also known as Firefox is a free web browser which was developed by the Mozilla Foundation, in conjunction with the Mozilla Corporation. It is available on Linux, Mac operating system and Windows 7 including the newer Windows OS. Created in 2002 with the codename Phoenix, it proved to be better due to its speed, security and add-ons.

Although somewhat behind the powerful Google Chrome, Firefox’s browser is very much preferred for some users online, this preference is probably due to its Free Open Source Software (FOSS) nature and its impressive security chops.

The importance of having and using a VPN service can not be overemphasized, most importantly if you live in one of the “14 Eyes” countries. There are two different types of VPN you can use, one of which is the paid VPN and the other, a free VPN.

Express VPN (A paid VPN)

The ExpressVPN has over 2,000 servers spread across 148 locations in 94 countries. This VPN is a high rated one in that its speed was fast enough even when the connection was over a reasonably long distance.

Its extension on the Firefox is simple and straightforward to use. All you need do is select a server, check and see your VPN status, connect on a browser startup and block WebRTC to make your IP address unknown.

This extension however, requires an installation on either the Mac or Windows OS in order to function properly as it is not of the standalone type.

Talking about security, it comes with a 256-bit encryption with zero knowledge DNS solution. Also, it states that it does not log or gather its users browsing activities or traffic data which means your online privacy is intact.

Moving onto its pricing, it is a bit on the high side in comparison to other VPNs. Worthy of note is the fact that it offers a 30- day money back guarantee which wouldn’t hurt anyone considering the fact that there is no trial or free plan.

The available packages are as follows:

  • $12.95 (per month) 1month
  • $9.99 (per month) so if you’re going for a 6 months plan, you get to pay $59.95
  • $6.67 (per month) for 12 months so you get to pay $99.95 and you get 3 months free in addition to the 12 months plan.

Hoxx VPN (A free VPN)

The Hoxx VPN  is a popular free VPN for the Firefox browser with a 4.6 star rating over 7,000 reviews. It has over a hundred servers all over the world, serving a wide range of countries. To get started, all you need to do is get a free Hoxx account.

This VPN comes with an add-on that helps to unlock sites, avoid malicious and harmful websites, improve your online anonymity by hiding your location.

The downside to this VPN however, is that it logs user’s information – your browser language, the number of pages viewed, access times and even your IP address. Also, it used  a third party tracking pixels that helps to gather information about your device, the Operating system and version, phone number, IMEI number and your mobile network information.

What then does the provider do with this much information? You guessed right, it is being sold for a profit. After all, nothing is really free.

The above mentioned VPN (Hoxx VPN) is one of the best free VPN for Firefox browser but you really should never use a free VPN. This is because they have a questionable privacy policy (as with the Hoxx VPN). Although it comes in handy if you want a fast way to access geo-restricted contents but if you want a VPN that will help secure your online presence without fear of your informations being logged or being prone to hackers, you need to invest on a paid plan. And if you are looking for the best paid VPN, the Express VPN is a really good one.


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