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Bitdefender Review: A Solid Choice for Your PC

Millions of users trust Bitdefender with their personal information and devices. There are many reasons why. The program offers strong protection tools from malware, viruses, rootkit, adware, spyware, and other threats. It’s lightweight and doesn’t impact system performance. However, there is so much more. In this Bitdefender review, we’ll get to know more about the program and its advantages.

<h2>Highlights of the program</h2>

  • Bitdefender is compatible with Windows, Mac OS, Android, and iOS;
  • The installation file is lightweight and the whole process is very quick;
  • It stands out offering 100% malware detection;
  • Adaptive Network Protection prevents attacks instead of dealing with them after the fact;
  • The developer offers a free edition and several premium plans making it easy to pick the most suitable one;
  • A user may always reach 24/7 customer support.

<h2>The main features Bitdefender offers</h2>

The award-winning software offers you the best technologies directly from the Bitdefender Labs to secure your gadgets and data from all possible threats.

First of all, the antivirus is not packed with tons of unnecessary features. This is the case when less is more. The software omitted confusing and complicating features making it easy to control and navigate.

Bitdefender is user-friendly. A compact and simple interface makes it possible to set up and adjust Virus Scan and Auto Scan features. To manage one’s event and quarantine list, a user should open Logs. Everything is very accessible and easy. What’s more, the Auto Scan feature is time-saving. It primarily focuses on high-risk alerts and draws the user’s attention only when needed. In case a user doesn’t like or want this scan, it’s very easy to deactivate the feature in the settings.

The Virus Shield scans all the files, sites, and pages a user visits. It protects from malware and other online threats in real-time. However, this is also an optional tool one can control and customize.

<h2>Other peculiarities of protection</h2>

The program has several layers of ransomware protection. It notifies the user about all attacks protecting all the files and personal information from this kind of malware. Bitdefender added Zero System Shutdown. This new technology ensures a momentary reaction to malware and secures excellent performance without system shutdowns. It also applies to webcams and exists to prevent intrusions into one’s privacy.  

Automatic updates make sure the antivirus program is up-to-date. They expand the database of known viruses and threats as well as improves the algorithms to secure devices from zero-day threats.  The Bitdefender labs create the best options to counteract all possible viruses and block all harmful content other antivirus software might miss.

Anti-phishing tools make sure all the passwords are protected. They scan the Internet for phishing sites and block access to them so that your data stays safe.

A VPN that comes as a part of the bundle adds another layer of protection to online browsing.

<h2>Bottom line</h2>

All in all, Bitdefender is a trustworthy antivirus program that is well-suited for both inexperienced and advanced users. It doesn’t impact the system and brings a set of useful tools that protect the device from all sorts of malware, threats, and hacks. The software even deals with Internet fraud blocking phishing sites, scams, and pages with suspicious activities. Bitdefender is an efficient antivirus solution that can protect all your household devices.