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Best Dog GPS Tracker

2017 became the real break and presented a set of achievements in technology of the smartwatch, new fitness trackers and the accompanying spheres. But it is time to take care not only of us darlings, but also of our pets who also require attention. You are surprised having learned that so-called dog GPS trackers are also developed for dogs. If you love the pet, then for certain you will take care of new security aids among which not only new natural products, but also GPS collars with which you will never lose the favourite friend. In this review I will tell you about best GPS collars for dogs some of which will be suitable also for cats.

GPS Collars for Dogs

It is worth beginning with the story about what is the GPS tracker for tracking a pet. Then I will tell what of them are the best. It is worth describing more detail son process of how such collars will keep your dog safe. We will try to go deep as it is possible more in details in comparison process. In essence, these devices differ in nothing from the children’s watch with GPS. For a start we will divide all devices into 2 categories among which are:

The first uses a little low technologies and was invented several decades ago. These devices do not demand a monthly subscription and other knowledge. They are usually used for hunting dogs as the range of a radio signal has some restrictions. It is important to note that the radio-collar will be more expensive, the range will be longer at it. The price can fluctuate from 200 to 1000 dollars for the device here.

We are interested in GPS using ultra modern technology for exact position fix of a dog in real time. You can also keep up with history of locations which will precisely tell about movement of the favourite pet during your absence. A number of GPS collars also supports notifications when the pet leaves a certain area of a geozone. Transfer of location of GPS requires existence of cellular communication that means use of the SIM card of the mobile operator.

Scollar GPS collar

The Scollar GPS collar is able to do everything that you expect from a smart collar. It supports restrictions of perimeter and GPS tracking. The collar will help your animals to open and close easily all popular types of electronic doors for pets. It also has temperature notifications, and to remind the application for the smartphone to you of need of daily leaving and holding all procedures. What distinguishes it from other GPS collars for dogs and cats? Scollar is a modular collar where you can buy several modules and supplement them with different options, including vibration and training. The main advantage of Scollar is that you do not need to buy a monthly subscription, but instead it is necessary to pay for additional modules.

PitPatPet Tracker

Many call PitPatPet peculiar Fitbit for dogs. The British PitPatPet tracker differs in a progressive tense of work – the battery the whole year does not demand recharge. At the same time, the GPS collar allows to monitor the movement of your dog 24 hours a day. It also allows to be convinced that your dog is rather active and healthy. It is a peculiar version of an accessory for dogs which will warn the owner about any changes in active behavior of the pet. Pete Pat Pat is completely waterproof and compatible to smartphones on the basis of iOS, and Android.