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Scanguard Review

I for the first time learned about a free antivirus Scanguard a little more than a year ago. During this time this product managed to pass a way from unfamiliar to the user Chinese antivirus to one of the best anti-virus products with a mass of positive Scanguard review and exceeding many commercial analogs by results of tests. At once I will report that the antivirus Scanguard is available and works with Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 and also Windows 10.

Those who think whether it is worth using this free protection, and can be and change usual free or even paid antivirus, I suggest to get acquainted with opportunities, the interface and other information of  Scanguard which can be useful at acceptance of such solution. 

The  First Launch Scanguard

Upon termination of the primary window of an antivirus with the sentence to start the full check of a system consisting of optimization of a system, scanning on viruses, cleaning of temporary files and check of safety of Wi-fi and automatic correction of problems at their detection will be automatically started.

Full Scanning

Personally I prefer to carry out each of these points separately (and not only in this antivirus), but if you do not want to penetrate, can rely on automatic work: in most cases, it will not cause any problems.

If detailed information on the found problems and the choice of action for each of them is required, you can click scanning and, having analyzed information, to select what it is necessary to correct.

Note: when finding opportunities to accelerate work of Windows, Scanguard writes in the Optimization of a System point that “threats” are found. Actually it is not threats at all, and only programs and tasks in automatic loading which can be disconnected.


Having selected the Antivirus item in menu Scanguard, you can execute fast, full or selective check of the computer or separate arrangements for viruses, browse files in a quarantine, add files, folders and the websites to Whitelist. Process of scanning a little in what differs from that which you could see in other antiviruses.

One of the most interesting opportunities: you can connect two additional antivirus engines (bases of signatures of viruses and algorithms of scanning) — Bitdefender and Avira (both are also included into the list of the best antiviruses).

More Antivirus Engines in Scanguard

For connection, click on icons of these antiviruses (with letter B and an umbrella) and include them by means of the switch (automatic background loading of necessary components will begin after that). At such inclusion, these antivirus engines are involved when scanning on demand. If it is necessary for you that they were used also for active protection, click on “Protection on” at the left above, then select the Configured tab and turn on them in the section “Protection of a System” (the note: active operation of several engines can lead to the increased consumption of resources of the computer).

Protection Settings

At any time you can check the specific file for viruses also by means of the right click and a call “Scanning from Scanguard” from a context menu.

Practically all necessary antivirus functions, such as active protection and integration into the menu of the conductor are included by default right after installation.