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What is Avast Secure Browser? Everything to know in 2019

What is Avast Secure Browser?

Avast Secure Browser is a browser developed by Avast which has one goal: secure and private browsing of the Internet and easy access to all necessary features as well as security and privacy controls.

Avast Secure Browser lets you control your data online and provides additional security, effective data protection, and high-speed browsing. The rapid evolution of the digital landscape is placing new demands on network security and data protection. Well-known modern browsers do not offer sufficient security and data protection. Users must provide additional protection themselves using third-party extensions or software.

According to survey results, which included 10,000 respondents, only 42% of users use private viewing mode or incognito mode. 65% of respondents mistakenly believed that these regimes guarantee complete anonymity of their identity on the Internet before being tracked by government organizations and advertising networks. In addition, 77% of respondents believe their browsers warn of potential network threats, including third-party extensions.

Avast Secure Browser Features

The experts of cybersecurity and browser developers with a good experience have teamed up to create browser data on the Chromium platform.

Avast Secure Browser tries to be better than its competitors in the following areas:

Security – Avast Secure Browser protects against various types of network attacks, including cryptography, phishing, and malware.  For Internet banking and crypto-currency operations, a special type of banking is provided that provides additional security.

Privacy – Updated features protect users from mass tracking, profiling, and other user privacy breaches.  Avast Secure Browser includes an active ad blocker, tracker protection, and protection of digital fingerprint.

Matt Adkisson, Avast Product Director for Platforms, said, “Users take browser security and privacy for granted, but network attacks are the primary cause of threats. Avast Secure Browser gives users increased protection.  Our browser not only protects against various online threats, be they hidden web mining, phishing, or malicious advertising, but also prevents the tracking of confidential activity data from government agencies, advertising networks, analytic agencies, and other organizations.”

Avast Secure Browser has its own Security and Privacy Management Center, which allows users to easily control security features and personal information protection.

The user can quickly and easily activate or deactivate individual security modules.  The Security and Privacy Management Center have five main features:

No Tracking – Prevents Web sites, advertisers, and Web services from tracking users’ network activity.  Automatic prevention of mining cryptocurrency scripts.

No Authentication – Allows the hiding of unique browsing data to prevent user identification on the network.

Banking Mode – Closes hackers’ access to viewing user input, including passwords and details of bank card.  It also has an inclusion of an additional level of protection for managing your cryptocurrency accounts.

AdBlock – protects against malicious ads and speeds page loading up to four times.

Protection against extensions – Blocks the installation of unreliable extensions and plug-ins.  Users can only install secure extensions they trust.

Hope you became clear on what Avast Secure Browser is. You can try the awesome browser if you are concerned about your privacy and protection. Have a great time ahead!


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