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How to take a screenshot on google chrome browser

Today, we will discuss how to take a screenshot on Google Chrome Browser. To do this, we will use two methods: save the web page in PDF format and save the web page as an image. There are many reasons why you want to capture a web page on your computer. For example, to print it later as proof of purchase or to finish reading the article later without the Internet. If you use a Google web browser, you can capture the entire web page in two different ways: by saving it as a PDF or an image. PDF is a versatile format, compatible with an infinite number of applications, ideal for later printing or copying to an e-book reader. Saving as an image can be useful for mail or social networks.

Capture webpage in PDF format in Chrome

First, click on the Chrome Settings button. It is a three-way button located to the right of the address bar. From the menu, select “Print”. Although it is more appropriate to use the Advanced Tools menu – Save Page As – this method saves the page as a collection of files and folders, a very inconvenient format that does not always work, especially on complex web pages. The Print Settings window opens. We will not print anything, at least not on paper. What we are going to do is “print in PDF”, which we first have to make some adjustments to. Click on the Edit button just below your destination. In the Options window that opens, in the Local Destinations section, you will find the following option: Save as a PDF. Click on it and Chrome will automatically accept your changes and you will be redirected to the previous screen. When you return to the previous window, you will notice that the previous “Print” button has been replaced by “Save”. Simply click on the button to have Google Chrome ask you where you want to save your PDF file. Select the location where you want to save the PDF document with the page visited, then click Save to have Google Chrome save a full copy of any web page as it appears on the screen. In other words, if the site is very long, it will be a multipage PDF.

Capture webpage as an image in Chrome

If you prefer to save the entire web page as an image, you must use a browser extension, as Google Chrome does not include this feature at the factory. One of the best extensions of Chrome for recording entire pages is the full-page screenshot. To set a screenshot extension for a full page, open this web address in Google Chrome: Adding extensions to Google Chrome is a very simple and quick process. When you open the previous link, the Google Store window displays information about the full screenshot extension. Click on the Add Chrome button to start the installation. You will be asked to confirm before installing the Chrome extension. Click Add Extension in the pop-up window to install the extension. The process only takes a few seconds. When you are finished, the window informs you that it is finished and a new icon is added to the right of the address bar. In this case, the icon comes from the camera. Return to the Chrome tab where you can see the page you want to save as an image and press the new full page capture button (camera). Remember that this is between the address bar and the Chrome settings button. The conservation process is about to begin. Don’t touch anything until it’s over. Wait until the screen itself stops moving and the figure that reminds us of Pac-man works as a progress bar. In the end, you will see a preview in the new Google Chrome tab. If you are happy with the result (enlargement can be done by clicking), select the button on the right to save the PNG image file to your device.


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