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Hello Readers! You may have a doubt on how to make Firefox default browser on a computer in 2019. It is a very easy process and is not much difficult you may be thinking of. Within a few clicks, you will be able to make Firefox your default browser. Also, the way described here is really fast and instant as well. We have provided two easiest methods on making Firefox the default browser. So, let’s get started. Method 1: Here is the first method on how to make Firefox default browser in your computer At first, open the Firefox browser in your computer. Go to the tools menu and click on options. After the options box is shown, click on General. Now, select the checkbox below the text which says “Default Browser” You will be prompted with a display message saying Firefox not to be the current default browser and if you would like to make it default in your computer. Click on okay and you are finally done. Method 2: Uninstall the Firefox browser. Go to the official website to download the Mozilla Firefox Browser and download the browser setup file. In the setup process, click on Firefox to be your default browser. Now, you are done.

Information on Mozilla Firefox Browser

Mozilla Firefox is an internet browser that is offered as open source software by the non-profit organization Mozilla Foundation for all common operating systems, such as Windows, Mac OS X, and GNU/Linux since 2002 (initially under the name “Firebird”) free of charge. According to Wikipedia, it has been the most widely used browser in the German-speaking world since mid-2009. The global market share is about ~35%, Google Chrome is currently (as of 2012) in the process of overtaking it in terms of popularity, while the share of Internet Explorer is steadily declining. Firefox was the first browser to offer surfing in so-called tabs, i.e. in a program window a bar appears below the address bar with individual tabs, in each of which you have opened a website. This functionality has now arrived in all major modern browsers (Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera, Konqueror). Additionally, Firefox offered very early the possibility to install plug-ins or add-ons in Mozilla. Small add-ons that extend the browser by single functionalities, e.g. the filtering of advertisements, the picking of colors used in web pages or the direct changing of CSS code with immediate preview. The developer community is very lively, and special add-ons are offered for almost all needs. Firefox uses the render engine Gecko for rendering and executing HTML/CSS/JavaScript, which places special emphasis on standard compatibility. The speed of rendering suffered from this, among other things – but this speed problem is the focus of the developers in the latest version numbers. Nevertheless, Firefox is on average a bit slower than the fastest browser Google Chrome. In practice, however, this is mostly irrelevant. Firefox is a browser that handles web standards better than the standard Internet Explorer on Windows machines. The wide range of add-ons makes it a good choice for the professional user. The normal user benefits from the fact that, from version 15 onwards, security updates are executed in the background, so he no longer has to worry about topicality and security.


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