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How to remove Avast Safezone browser

According to the developers of the well-known Avast internet security software, the number of users of the antivirus application Avast Antivirus has already exceeded 230 million.

The program is popular in any case, but there is one thing that may well displace some of its supporters, namely the obsession with which developers drive their products forward. In this article, we are going to provide you step by step guide on how to remove Avast Safezone Browser in an easy method.

After updating the free version of the antivirus program, many users found the Avast SafeZone browser installed in them, even though they did not agree to the installation of this browser. Maybe someone will find it useful, but there will be a lot of people who want to get rid of it.

How do I install the unusable Safezone Browser?

From our own experience, we have learned that there is no choice. If you still check and uncheck the box “Install Avast Safezone Browser” during the installation of the antivirus software, the system will be asked for updates. If you agree, confirm the installation of a proprietary browser.

Users who don’t need any additional programs on their device who noticed this product on their desktop want to get rid of it quickly. The only problem is that you can’t delete it in the traditional way, because the SafeZone browser doesn’t appear separately in the Control Panel under “Programs and Features” when it integrates with anti-virus protection and you can’t delete them using the CCleaner utility. No wonder, because the developers promised to work isolated from the system.

After suffering a bit, we found a solution to the problem of removing the annoying, imposed software from Safezone Browser. Users can’t figure out how to remove this browser because they don’t consider it part of an antivirus system. The secret lies in the fact that you have to start removing Avast. Don’t worry, we don’t have to uninstall the entire antivirus program, everything is not so bad.

Let’s get started on the main topic.

To remove Avast Safezone Browser, you must “repackage” Avast yourself.

At first, go to the control panel.

Methods to open Control Panel:

Method 1: Press Windows+ X shortcut key and select Control Panel from the options in the lower-left corner of the screen.

Method 2: Press Windows+ I shortcut key and click on Control Panel on the right side of the screen.

Method 3: Press Windows+ R shortcut key to open run window and type Control Panel. Then, hit enter.

Method 4: Search for control panel clicking on the search bar on the lower-left corner of the screen.

Search for programs and features inside Control Panel.

Select Avast and right click on it.

Click on change.

Click the ‘Change’ button in the antivirus installation window that opens.

Remove the tick from the entry “SafeZone” in the next window and click on “Change”.

The package update process will start while the SafeZone Browser is uninstalled. The wizard then prompts you to restart the computer.

Short info on Avast Safezone Browser

Avast Safezone Browser is a web browser with built-in privacy protection developed by Avast that is available after installing or upgrading to the latest version of any of Avast’s antivirus products. It can be opened directly through the Avast antivirus user interface.


– Integration with known antivirus software

– Possibility to install add-ons

– Basing on a popular platform

– High-speed web page loading

– Users are able to select the favorite search engine


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