How do you access document in a virtual data room services

While using the computer, sometimes there are situations when you need to open a file or folder, and in response to this message “Access denied. You have no rights”. This happens most often when you try to access system folders or a file. But it also happens that a “simple” folder will not give us access. What could be the matter? In this article, we will look at one way how to access a document in virtual services.

Step-by-step Instruction of Accessing the Private Document

Paradoxically, access can often be denied because you do not own the file or folder in virtual data room pricing. So you need to check it out. To begin, we need to make it possible to change the owner. To do this, follow these steps (for Windows XP):

  1. go to My Computer;
  2. select the top menu Tools and go to the View tab;
  3. uncheck “Use simple file sharing”;
  4. click OK;
  5. now click the RMB on the folder that prevents you from entering it, and select Properties;
  6. go to the Security tab and click the Advanced button;
  7. here we go to the Owner tab and select yourself and check the box Full access.

We save and everything is ready. For Windows 7 similar, but slightly different names. Of course, this way you can also block folders, removing access to the owner.

What Do We Keep in the Services of Virtual Data Room?

The launch of the virtual data room should make it as easy as possible for potential buyers to access information on the assets of liquidated banks for sale. A special package of documents for lots, including data containing banking secrecy, will be posted on a special resource. This is fundamentally important for buyers of credit claims: in addition to the public passport, the virtual data room will be uploaded, in particular, scanned materials of credit cases indicating the borrower, all information about litigation, as well as – financial statements of the borrower.

Access to the virtual data room and a link to the service will be provided after signing the application for interest and the standard non-disclosure agreement. The service will work around the clock seven days a week. An unlimited number of interested investors will be able to view materials on one lot in the virtual data room at the same time.

Access to data will be provided through a two-factor authentication system: in addition to creating an “investor’s personal account” (login and password), each time you try to enter the virtual data room on a mobile phone or e-mail each authorized user will be sent a unique password only for a specific user and for a specific session.

In turn, VDR administrators will be able to track which investors will work for how long and with which documents. You will not be able to print or save asset materials. In addition, all documents placed in the VDR will be marked with special watermarks. In the future, the Fund will also use the capabilities of the virtual data room in the process of collecting indicative prices from the market as part of the pre-sale preparation of assets.


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